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Welcome to  Commission Form



Here is the application form for self-design commissions.

Only winners will be notified of the base quote for the Fursuit.
If you are a winner, please contact us within 3 days after confirming your winning e-mail.
Or, those who cannot be contacted within 3 days will be considered as declined.

The winning slot is for 20 slots.
If a winner declines, or if the winner is not contacted within 3 days after the winning e-mail is sent
we will select a new winner from the winners who were not selected.
The lottery will be redrawn until the number of slots reaches 20.


  • One entry per person, one design per entry.

  • This time, only self-designed and Fullsuit will be accepted.

  • Our workshop produces shells with a 3D printer (TPU), which has a basic function of jaw movement.

  • The eyes are made with tarpaulin and PVC mesh.

  • Use stretch fur for the front moving parts and normal fur for the rest.

  • Bank transfer and Wise are accepted, with a maximum of 2 installments.

  • Contracts and payments will be implement two months prior to the start of production.

  • Fursuit base price is USD6,000-.The rate at the time the contract is signed will be used.

  • Based on your answers, we will contact you with a production estimate and whether or not we can produce the product.

  • Optional items can be added at the time of contract.

  • Entries submitted using more than one account will be considered unsuccessful.

  • No entries will be accepted on behalf of the applicant.They will be subject to selection rejection.

  • Winner and Fursuit wearer must be the same person.

  • Commission slots must not be transferred.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our Twitter @kigurumikagetsu

Entry period is from Apr 1st 21:00 to 15th 24:00(JST)
the selection will be announced on  Apr 19th 21:00(JST)

If added to the end of the commission list, the delivery date is expected to be December 2025 to June 2026.
Depending on the speed of production, Schedule may be subject to change.





  • 応募は1人につき1デザインです。

  • フルスーツのみの受付です。ハーフスーツは受け付けていません。

  • オプション品については、契約時に追加することが出来ます。

  • 当工房は3Dプリンター(TPU)でのシェルを制作しており、あご可動が基本機能で備わっています。

  • 目は昇華プリントを施したターポスクリーン、PVCメッシュで作成しております。

  • フロントの可動部にはストレッチファー、その他はブライトなどのノーマルファーを使用します。

  • 銀行振込、WISEが使用可能で、分割払いは2回まで承ります。

  • ​契約及び支払いは、制作開始する2か月前に行います。

  • 着ぐるみのベース価格はUSD 6,000です。契約時のレートを採用します。

  • デザインや構造により価格が変動致します。

  • 複数のアカウントで応募した場合落選とします。

  • 代理申し込みは受け付けません。落選の対象となります。

  • 当選者と購入者は同一人物である必要があります。

  • コミッションスロットの譲渡は禁止とします。



募集期間:日本時間 2024/4/1 21:00 ~ 2024/4/15 24:00
当選発表:日本時間 2024/4/19 21:00



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